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Algarve Mexican Food Catering: Beef Fajitas

Mexican Food

Real Mexcican food is not normally possible in Europe because the required ingredients are not sold here and few have the practical experience in making this cuisine. At Sunshine Catering, we have both.


A chef from South Texas who grew up on real Mexican food helps. As well as continual semiannual trips to Texas for smuggling back Mexican food ingredients. We have real masa harina corn flour and dried corn husks for tamales. Dried ancho and guajillo peppers for sauce bases.

Plus you have to know the cuisine. Like these beef fajitas who’s marinade of pineapple juice and soy sauce is a blatant ripoff of the marinade used by the Pappasitos chain in Houston, TX. See? Knowledge is key 🙂


Algarve Mexican Food Catering: Chicken Fajitas

Chicken Fajitas

An economical choice for entry into the Mexico club. Whole chicken breasts marinated in crushed garlic, lime juice and coriander. Grilled to perfection and sliced on site.


Algarve Mexican Food Catering: Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

A Mexican dinner always has rice and beans. Real mexican rice is made using a purée of onions and tomoatoes, so it is tricky to get fluffy rice with all that liquid. Naturally, we pull it off.
Algarve Mexican Food Catering: Guacamole


Avocadoes, tomatoes, onions, coriander and lime juice. Spread this stuff over your fajitas or make a taco out of it alone.



Algarve Mexican Food Catering: Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo

Literally translated means ‘beak of the rooster’.  A mixture of fresh tomatoes, onions, malagueta peppers, coriando and lime juice. You put this condiment on everything. Made too much in the shown photograph, but that’s a typical fault of ours.



Algarve Mexican Food Catering: Pork Tamales

Homemade Pork Tamales

This a special treat and represents an entire branch Mexican cuisine: the Tamale. We take pork in red chili sauce,  envelope it in dense, rich masa harina corn flour dough, wrap the little bundle in a dried corn husk and then steams for hours. If you’ve never had one of these, you don’t know what your missing.



Algarve Mexican Food Catering: A typical mexican plate

A Typical Mexican Plate

Ah, good man, here. He made a proper plate and didn’t eschew the refried black beans (the tastiest part of any Mexican meal). Squeezing lime juice over everything gives you a really authentic Mexican taste. Naturally we supply the lime wedges.



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