Portfolio : Television Commercial in Lagos

Commercial with Shaggy Cows

There were actually several commercials filmed with different concepts. The first one out was this one. They actually imported a small herd of shaggy cattle from Spain. Out into the remotes of Aljezur, we hauled the cows and the food. All went well.

Day One: The Hurricane

Soul Kitchen Productions is an accomplished film production enterprise based right here in the Algarve. Their job was to create a wonderful concept video/commercial. Our task was to supply 50 crew members with breakfast, lunch and all day snacks and beverages for two days.

Day one was a challenge. A remote Lagos beach in the middle of a gale. Our trucks get us into position, the all weather gear comes on and a tent city gets erected. Even in these conditions, fluffy scrambled egss get made and fresh coffee brewed!

Lunch Buffet

We set up in a big school cafeteria while filming progressed outside. The menu this afternoon: Sliced roast pork in gravy; Horseradish mashed potatoes; hot pickled red cabbbage with allspice; seafood rice; Spice egg curry for the vegetarian option; bowtie pasta saled with mixed herb vinaigrette; herbed coucous salad with green apple and mapple syrup; and mixed green salad.

All Day Snacks I

Homemade cakes, cookies, sandwiches and wraps, yoghurts, crisps, fruit, drinks etc. etc.

All Day Snacks II

Five kinds of cheesy quiches; Pork pies; Chicken samosas; crusty portuguese bread etc. etc.

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