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Traditional Portuguese catering: Piri Piri chicken

Piri Piri Chicken

Portuguese cuisine is all about freshness and simplicity. Grilled fish, sardines and meats. Possibly a feijoada (a stew of beans and pork) here, some pork and clams there. Add a salad and that’s pretty much it.

For catering purposes, grilled chicken piri is the clear choice. Our homemade piri piri sauce is a purée of garlic, oregano, vinegar and a ton of birds eye chilis. It is volcanic compared to the versions you get in restaurants. But completely addictive!

Traditional Portuguese catering: Grilled Dourado

Grilled Dourado

A local mild fish, grilled simply with course sea salt, then drizzled with olive oil and tons of fresh garlic and coriander.

Ignore the state of the picture. Customers had already begun the attack!

Traditional Portuguese catering: Pickled Carrots and Garlic

Couvert Carrots

Carrots pickled in garlic, vinegar and coriander. A traditional accompaniment to the start of a meal to have with bread and olives. By the way, we pick and brine our own olives. Nothing from a jar.
Traditional Portuguese catering: Mountain Salad

Mountain Salad

A refreshing portuguese favorite of peppers, tomoatoes and onions in simple vinaigrette.
Traditional Portuguese catering: Camarão Frito

Camarão Frito com Muito Muito Alho

Pan fried garlic prawns finsihed in lemon juice and fresh coriander

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