Portfolio : Villa Plus Commercial Filming

Villa Plus Commercial: Mambo

Villa Plus is a great villa rental company with tons of beautiful properties throughout the Algarve. They had a fun concept for a video that they flimed in several of their beautiful villas. Sunshine Catering’s job was to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner (sometimes), and all-day snacks and beverages for 7 days.
On-Location Catering in the Algarve: Breakfast

Breakfast Time

Massive mobile gas stove? Check. 100’s of eggs? Check. Tent? Check. Villa? Check. Time to make the breakfast!
On-Location Catering in the Algarve: Villa Catering

See us on Film!

We’re actually in the kitchen behind those doors…hiding
On-Location Catering in the Algarve: Beverages

Hot Weather, Cold drinks

The weather was really hot and our clients needed pallets (literally thousands) of water bottles hauled in and chilled. For a treat we made them homemade lemonade.
On-Location Catering in the Algarve: Special Diets

We Specialize in Special Diets

One actor could have only fish, sweet potatoes, egg whites and little else. Needless to say, that actor ended up eating better than everyone else. While everyone else had our super buffet, this actor, on this particular day, had pan seared salmon on wilted spinache with shallot jus. Served with maple sweet potato purree and mock nicoise salad. The level of gourmet that actor got was ridiculous!
On-Location Catering in the Algarve: Food Props

Food Props!

We were tasked to make food props. See if you can spot them in the video. They look almost like the real thing (because they are the real thing 🙂 )

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